10 Self Employed Tax Deductions and Credits for 2020 and 2021 (tax benefits)


Increasing Tax Planning: A Case of a Wolf in a Sheep Skin?

Tax planning has become a modern strategy adopted at boardroom discussions. Government likewise create the environment for such boardroom discussion in its effort to create employment, attract potential investors or increase productivity but is tax planning actually doing more good or bad to a country?

Time To Walk The Tightrope Of Tax Again

Just as sure as night follows day, there comes a time when tax has to be paid. We probably don’t like it; after all, it took a long time to earn that revenue, and the taxman wasn’t sitting beside you in the wee small hours as you earned it. But he (or she) will still want their cut, so here are some simple guidelines to help your delicate book-balancing act

Shrink Your Tax Liabilities by Using the Tax Calculator

This article is all about the features and benefits associated with the Tax Calculator. By using this amazing pocket tool, anybody can get his financial problems eased out within few minutes.

Taxes Are Driving Americans Away

Now is a great time to take steps to protect your assets as you diversify your portfolio in 2018. They may even include renouncing U.S. citizenship.

Business Tax Strategies: What Works and What Doesn’t

It’s mid-December and time for Solopreneurs and all independently employed professionals to think about how much money we’ll hand over to the tax man this year. Tax planning is usually at top of mind as the year ends, but be advised that obsessing over taxes is not always useful. A savvy CPA and small business tax specialist recommends that you pause and carefully evaluate the impact that aggressive tax strategies would have on your financial circumstances.

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