14 Biggest Tax Write Offs for Small Businesses! [What the Top 1% Write-Off]


What You Need to Know When Preparing for Your 2017 Tax Return

As Spring draws closer (hopefully), so does the time to prepare and file your 2017 taxes. Since we last posted, you should have received all the required paperwork from your employers and investments. Now it’s time to catch up on the latest changes to the tax laws as some of them may affect you.

There Are Two Certainties in Life and One Is Taxes

It’s the time of year where the working world is split into those that look forward to tax refunds and those who dread seeing how much they owe. Yes, that’s right, it’s tax time. The buzz has begun with the distribution of T4s, which companies have until the end of February to deliver.

20 Things You Should Know About the New Tax Laws

1. 2017 Taxes: The new laws will be applied to 2018 taxes. 2. Property taxes: The max total that can be written off is $10,000 for the combination of property taxes + income & sales tax

Check These Dos and Don’ts for Selecting a Small Business CPA

When it comes to selecting CPA firms for small businesses, most entrepreneurs have their questions. Read on to find a relevant list of dos and don’ts listed here.

Act Now on Tax Reform and Save Thousands

You’re losing money every day of 2018 that goes by that you don’t find out about and act on the new opportunities and threats on the tax front. It’s urgent that you take action now.

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