6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Build Home | Phoenix, AZ

6 Reasons Why You Should Get a House in Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island is precisely where you want to be. Hilton Head is America’s #1 favorite island. It is an incredible place with prestigious communities, picturesque beaches, and a great deal of stuff to do for everyone. It features a mild, subtropical climate year-round; great for all the outdoor activities that you and your loved ones enjoy.

RATES ARE LOW But Is Refinancing a Bad Idea?

Just because you lower your interest rate, does not mean you are saving money. Refinancing could have a positive appearance and still hurt you.

7 Key Factors Which Impact Real Estate Buying

The real estate, and housing markets, are, often, ever – changing! In my, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have experienced, various degrees of, both, Buyers, and Sellers, Markets, as well as neutral ones! Many factors, both, actual, and perceived ones, influence, buying houses, and commercial properties, but, the best approach, for every real estate professional, as well as potential buyer, is to understand, and appreciate, as many of these issues, etc, which might impact this marketplace!

How To Rapidly Build A Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Rent Refinance and Repeat

In this article, you will gain a full understanding of how to build a large real estate portfolio by using buy, reb, rent, refinance and repeat the strategy. I came across this strategy after attending one of online video training by Daniil Kleyman of True Vision Analytics and I must say it is an eye-opener. Then I decided to share my perspectives on the strategy here and hopefully, you can put it to good use and make more money in real estate investing. Please comment on your thought and views after reading and I hope you enjoy it.

Be Prepared To Buy That House!: 5 Personal Financial Considerations

For most of us, an important ingredient of the American Dream, is, owning a home of their own! However, especially, with the high price/ costs of housing, in many areas of this country, a wise buyer, begins this journey, as well – prepared, as possible, and, to do so, must pay keen attention, to many related factors! This article will focus on one of these, which is to understand, some of the personal financial considerations, and reduce the potential stresses, of this transaction process.

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