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Why You Should Ask Your Home Inspector To Refer You To Your Agent

Usually, when someone is beginning the process of purchasing a home, they first choose their real estate agent, they finally find a house, and then that agent refers them to a home inspector. However, it may actually be more beneficial for home buyers to reverse this, choosing your home inspector first and then asking their opinion on a real estate agent is a safer way to go at times.

How Do You Know, If It’s The RIGHT Home, For You?

The typical home – buying, process, is, often, time – consuming, and, perhaps, not the most effective, efficient approach, and/ or, method. Wouldn’t it make sense, for potential, qualified home buyers, to, fully consider, and understand their needs, goals, preferences, and priorities, and, effectively use, their time, and energy, to focus on finding the RIGHT house, for their personal situation/ needs? These factors might include location, convenience, safety/ security, neighborhood, schools, and the specific, particulars of the house/ property.

4 Reasons, Potential Home Buyers, Might, Reconsider Their Purchase

Some call it, buyers remorse, while others, say it’s cold feet! Since, for most people, their house, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to, educate yourself, learn thoroughly, and understand, the best, possible way, to make your decision, wisely, and in an educated manner? While a certain amount of stress, tension, and unease, might be considered normal, the better prepared, and educated, a buyer is, the better the chance, to make a wise, decision, instead of an impulsive one!

Why Homeowners Need FUNDS?

If, and when, one decides, he wants to own, a home, of his own, he should proceed, as wisely, and prepared, as possible, recognizing, he will face several obstacles, and challenges, as part of the home ownership, experience! Besides, being emotionally prepared, and trying to act, wisely, it is important to have the necessary degree of FUNDS, to be prepared, for contingencies, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, doing so, is the best, wisest way, to proceed, and, the most prepared homeowner, generally, enjoys the experience, the most…

Optimizing Front Doors in Vintage Homes in NELA

Vintage homes – including Mid Century Moderns – are in good supply in Northeast Los Angeles. Entryway doors are important defining characteristics.

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