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How Hard Money Lenders Can Help You During COVID-19

Even with all the reopening of towns across America, some households may find themselves stuck trying to emerge from the setbacks caused by COVID-19. If you find yourself falling into this category, you may be looking into all the different options to get a little extra money now, especially when handling real estate matters. Have you considered what a hard money-lender could do for you?

Three Reasons Loan Applications Get Denied

Most people only pursue a loan when they are in dire need of obtaining funds. These funds can be used for emergencies, a new car, and even repairs to the home. Whatever the reason a person needs a loan, it can be disappointing when they get turned down. Thanks to The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, lenders are required to disclose their reasons for denying a loan application. Below are three of the most common reasons.

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years

It’s not “magic”… It’s just math. A very simple strategy that you can use to accelerate your mortgage… using the same income… and not incurring any additional debt.

How Do Home Loan Brokers Get Paid?

If you are looking to purchase a new home, you should be ready to experience a time full of home tours, short lists and memories. However, if you are new in this field, you may find it hard to get a mortgage. You may not have the time to get in touch with different lenders, check details and apply for a mortgage.

Mortgage Brokers: Basics That You Should Know

The term mortgage broker refers to a company or person that can make arrangement for a mortgage between two entities. These entities are usually a lender and a borrower. The lender is known as a mortgage lender.

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