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How a Mold Test Protected a Real Estate Agent

Mold is unfortunately a four letter word that real estate agents at times fear. Combine that with the four letter word “test” and things can get even more complicated. There are agents who are not familiar with mold testing, reading mold test results and how to negotiate with issues if there arise. Mold is a naturally occurring organism and as such agents should learn how to deal with the issues so as to be the professional they should be and to help protect themselves from potentially costy statements.

Home Buyers: Can You Visualize What COULD Be?

Like in many things in life, quite often, those seeking to buy a house of their own, are often their own worst enemies, because they fail to take necessary, basic actions, which might make their task, a far simpler, easier, less stressful, one! While we often consider the obvious items, which fall into this category, such as paying too little attention to their credit history, addressing factors which might make getting the best possible mortgage challenging, etc, we often overlook the fact, many potential home buyers, either don’t really know what they want, or, become blinded by marketing tricks, such…

6 Steps to Buying Your Home

Unless you’ve purchased a home before you may not know what is involved and what to expect. It may even depend on the type of property you are purchasing, because buying off the plan can be different to buying a pre-existing home for example. Regardless of the type of property the following is an overview on the 6 steps that will get you from a pre-approval to moving into your new home.

Home Buyers: Get Pre-Approved, Instead Of Pre-Qualified

Before anyone decides to own a home of his own, he should ask himself several questions, and do certain preliminary work. Some of these questions include: a) How much down – payment can I afford?; b) What monthly payment do I feel comfortable with (including mortgage interest and principal, real estate taxes, regular monthly expenses such as utilities, etc, and a reserve for unexpected expenditures); c) How is my credit?

How To FIGURE If A House Is For You

Since purchasing a home of your own, is one of the most challenging decisions, in our lives, and often is a stressful period, it might be helpful to potential buyers, to have an easy to remember (and understand) way, to ease this decision – making. Wouldn’t it make the process easier, if you could have a way, to decide, which house if right for you, better understand your needs and priorities, and proceed in a less stressful, focused manner? With that, in mind, based on my decade, plus, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York,…

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