How to Pay off Your Mortgage Faster (The Truth)

Why It Pays to Work With a Private Mortgage Broker

Finding a mortgage could be tricky for borrowers with less-than-good credit scores. Working with a private mortgage broker could help borrowers find cheaper, flexible mortgages.

Qualifying for a Home Loan in 2019 – What Requirements and Guidelines You Need to Know

Buying a home can seem like a daunting process for most, especially when it comes to the finance part. We will explain how to simplify the process so you can better understand not only if you qualify for a mortgage, but also what type of program is best for you. In this article, we will go over the different down payment and credit score requirements, explain what debt to income ratio is and why it’s important, qualifying income requirements, and more.

What Is Accounts Receivable Financing Based On?

Accounts receivable financing is a type of financing arrangement between two companies in which one company either sells or lends its outstanding invoices to another company to receive early payments on their due bills. In this agreement, the financing company gives an amount equal to the reduced value of the unpaid invoices or receivables, in return for a fee.Payments for the Business to business sales are not paid instantly at the time of sale.

Borrowing Basics: Understanding 12 Month Loans

Popularly known as payday loans, 12-month loans are one of the best loan products in the financial circuit today. They are unsecured loans for a 12-month time period and can be easily applied for without a long loan sanctioning process. Financial crisis can knock on one’s door at any time and asking for help from others is not always the best option. This is why these short-term loans of small amount can be so advantageous to the borrower.

8 Most Important Factors When Comparing Short-Term Loans

Nowadays, you can get loans from banks and private lenders. However, when you apply, you need to follow a few important things that can help you compare short-term loans. Given below are 8 factors that should be considered when making the comparison.

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