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Why/How Potential Home Buyers Must Address Credit: 6 Basic Steps/Points

You’ve made the decision, it’s time to buy and own a house! You realize you will need a down – payment, and additional funds for closing expenses, etc. You figure your credit is fine, because you’ve checked your credit score, and have often been accepted for credit cards, auto loans, etc.

Research The Neighborhood Before Closing On The House

Are you a serious home buyer? If you are, you should be aware that you should not only be concerned with the price associated with the house. You should also know that comfortable living is not confined to the four corners of the house.

Realty Wisdom: Visualize What Can Be, Not Just What You See!: 6 Examples

Congratulations! You’ve decided you, and your family, need and deserve a home of your own! However, since for most people, their house represents their single biggest financial asset, be prepared, focus, and clearly know what you seek, want, need, and differentiate between goals, hopes, and a want – list, versus needs, and actual deal – breakers.

Interested in Buying or Renting Property in Koh Samui, Thailand?

This article is providing readers with some insight into the idea of buying &/or renting property and living on the tropical island that is Koh Samui, in Thailand. Find out what makes this island such a popular one and get an idea of what kind of life you can enjoy if setting up camp and becoming ‘one of the locals’.

6 Reasons Home Buyers Should Consult A Professional Home Inspector

Unless someone is purchasing a house, with the objective of knocking it down, and building another, home buyers should seriously consider hiring a recommended, quality, professional Home Inspector/ Engineer, to inspect, examine and report, on the condition of the potential purchase! While many mortgage lenders will do some sort of inspection/ review, their reasons and purposes are often considerably different, from yours! They are looking to be certain the value of the property is sufficient, to warrant a specific amount of loan, while you should be checking, to be certain, there are no surprises, etc!

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