IRS Tax Return 2021: Where is Your Tax Refund? When You Will Get Your Tax Refund? Track Your Refund.

How To Avoid Getting Outbid By Cash Buyers

Tips on avoiding getting outbid by cash home buyers. This is for millenials or people who need to get a home loan.

How to Find the Right Time to Buy or Sell a Housing

Home prices are cyclic, they tend to rise and fall. To buy a new home is best at the bottom, and to sell a housing is of course most favorable at the top. Here is some advice that may help you recognize these periods of the lowest and highest real estate prices.

How to Prepare for Homeownership

This article discusses how first-time homebuyers can prepare for a mortgage. It reviews how to improve your credit scores and how lenders calculate a borrower’s buying power.

What Do You Seek From A NEIGHBORHOOD?

When someone makes the all – important decision, to consider buying a home of their own, it is often easy to become overwhelmed by the many considerations, etc! Obviously, one must think about their personal needs, in terms of rooms, location, etc. They must also be realistic, in terms of balancing their wish – list, from the must – haves, and do so, in order to get the most bang – for – the – buck, while paying attention to their personal finances, and knowing both what they can afford, and what they might feel comfortable paying monthly.

Is It the Right Time To Invest In a Property in India?

Demonetization raised many brows and many possible paths for the future of the Indian real estate. Some Gurus of the realty market think that the prices of the properties will go down with the cash flow becoming critical in the market. Some people think that the prices will be stable since the price of the affordable sector has already surfaced.

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