Mortgage and its types: Sec. 58-59 TPA

What to Know About Loans

If someone wants to take a loan and asks for your advice, you probably are more than willing to help, but do you really know what a loan is, what you should know before plunging into the ocean of loans. Now we all know loans are available for the purchase of houses, consumer electronics, refurbishment, education, marriage, health and many other reasons that are not possible in your current budget. The Big Question – This brings us to perhaps the biggest question that needs an answer.

Invoice Factoring Vs Financing: Understand the Difference

Invoice factoring or financing? Cash-strapped businesses often find themselves in dilemma when they hear two strikingly similar terms consecutively. In a tight credit environment, companies are turning to certain non-banking alternatives so that they can smoothly run their businesses.

No Guarantor Loans: Pros and Cons That You Should Know

No guarantor loans are unsecured funds that can be availed online with no guarantor and no collateral. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of loans with no guarantor.

7 Common Loan Application Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Planning to apply for a loan? Or have you unsuccessfully applied for one, and are wondering why your application was rejected?

Being Professional Through Bootstrapping

This article is meant to help new start-ups think about how to seek funding through bootstrapping. As entrepreneurs we should always be mindful on who we seek funding from.

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