Mortgage Rates Update and Housing Market 2021 Forecast

How Infrastructure Status to Affordable Housing Is Beneficial to Both Developers and Home Buyers

In order to revive the slump-hit real estate industry, the Union Budget 2017 put-forward an announcement which was a win-win for both home buyers and developers. The finance minister granted an infrastructure status to affordable housing, this move is directed to give a boost to affordable housing. This proposal has been received positively by the real estate industry – right from middle-class home buyers, developers and home loan providers.

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Affecting Property Transactions

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) applies to all transactions occurring within South Africa – Where consumers (individuals and entities with a turnover of less than R2million) are afforded protection in their dealings with suppliers (Estate Agents and Developers). The primary purpose of the Act is to protect the consumer against exploitation and unfair marketing practices and to empower the consumers to make wise purchasing decisions.

Should I Buy a New or Used Home?

You’ve spent several years working hard in a company and decided it’s time to reward your self by buying a house. Looking for a unit that suit your needs brings forth a wide of choices ranging from new and used homes alike. Which one is a better fit?

REO Homes for Sale

REO homes for sale are probably a term that not many people are familiar with but are homes that are real estate owned homes. This type of home is often associated with bank foreclosures. They are often offered for sale at a rate that is highly competitive. They are often offered to potential buyers in hopes of recouping most of the investment that the bank made on the property.

How Real Estate Agents Represent Buyer Customers/Clients

While some may attempt to give some argument or purported reasons for trying to sell one’s home on their own, there is little logical purpose, to buying one, without utilizing the services of a real estate professional (as an aside, I could take ages, explaining why it makes sense for those selling to hire an agent, too). It is, therefore, important, for potential buyers, to better understand some of their options, including how they may be represented, when purchasing a home! Every state has somewhat different laws, so for the purposes of this article, we will rely on the laws,…

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