Renting vs. Buying a Home: The 5% Rule

7 Areas Potential Homeowners Don’t Pay Sufficient Attention

Wouldn’t it be nice, if potential homeowners, entered into the process, with their eyes – wide – open, and, as prepared, as possible, so there were far fewer surprises, once they moved in? Many rely, merely, on the Inspection report, from their hired engineer, or home inspector, and ask, far too few questions, or take certain things, for granted, or minimize them. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, review and discuss, 7 specific areas, where potential owners, fail to pay sufficient attention, and/ or focus.

5 Preliminary Financial Steps To Take Before House-Hunting

You’ve either, decided, it’s the right time, for you to, own, a home, of your own, or to upgrade, and/ or relocate, for some, personally, relevant reason. If your objective is, like most home buyers, to make the process, as stress – free, and hassle – free, as possible, quality, proper, efficient, effective preparation, is the best way, to proceed. House – hunting might, either, be, a pleasant adventure, or far, less, so, and, thus, this article will proceed, to attempt to briefly review, examine, consider, and discuss, 5 preliminary financial steps, to take, in advance, before proceeding, along a…

Nannies, Grannies and the Ontario Fire Code

Before closing deals involving basement apartments or duplex, triplex or any other multiple dwellings, Realtors should ensure that purchasers have obtained written confirmation of whether or not apartments are registered, and have been inspected and found to conform to the Fire Code. Realtors can be faced with angry, disappointed purchasers because under the new rules an illegal or non-conforming apartment is easy to detect and easy to shut down – and may be costly for the new owner to renovate, to keep it operating.

Mortgage Interest Deduction and the Tax Advantages of Owning a Home

There are many great reasons to be a home owner in the United States. These include: stability, wealth creation and the satisfaction of owning your own home. From a tax standpoint, one of the most compelling aspects of home ownership has to do with the mortgage interest deduction.

4 Ways Of Using Financing When Buying A House

Especially, in sellers markets, there is often, considerable competition, in terms of purchasing, a house. The better a homeowner understands, what each means, and represents, the more capable he is, of determining, which might (or might not) be, in his personal, best interests! Qualified, potential buyers, must realize, some of these options, and determine, which makes the most sense, to each of them, and their self – interest!

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