Should You Get A Mortgage From A Bank Or A Mortgage Broker?

Real Estate Auctions – What To Know

In the United States today, there seems to be a massive surge in real estate auction popularity. Some people feel a real estate auction is a complex process but it is actually very simple to carry out. There are advantages for both the buyer and sell with this type of auction. Until a several years ago, if a homeowner defaulted on their payments and the house went into foreclosure the only way then to sell it was through the foreclosure sale. It was a lengthy process. There was a big commission of approximately ten percent of the home’s value went to the real estate agent who conducted the sale.

Buying a HUD Home – Advantages

This type of home is one that has been foreclosed and the new homeowner may be eligible to purchase it using an FHA loan, which stands for Federal Housing Administration. The term HUD means Department of Housing and Urban Development. This department is responsible for providing affordable housing for those who want to become homeowners. The process of selling this foreclosed property is not like regular real estate deals and foreclosed properties. HUD takes the home if the FHA has approved the loan on it and it must be a foreclosed property.

Questions to Ask a Home Inspector Before Buying a Home

Every process within the home buying attempt is vital. Included with that is the home inspection which as crucial as every process involved. During this process, a home buyer will be in touch with a professional generally known as a home inspector.

Avoid These Common First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

This article discusses common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make when purchasing their first home. A list of suggestions are offered to help eliminate stress and unnecessary expenses during the home buying process.

Rent Vs Buy a Property in Bangalore

Planning to buy a flat in Bangalore? And having a second thought of continuing to rent the home in the city, or vice versa? This article is for the first time home buyers and renters who live in the city.

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