TAX ADVICE for People Making UNDER $40,000 a Year

How to Choose the Right Tax Preparer

You can’t hide. Every year, if you work and earn a living, you must prepare and file a tax return for the IRS. Also, depending on your state of residency, you prepare and file a state tax return.

The Paradigm Shift To Digital Tax Could Cost Pounds 160m For Ireland

The new rules of tax is levied on certain revenue from digital activities in which users are located, has attracted a lot of attention. The new digital charge will pose some threat to the revenues of countries such as Ireland who are opposing the digital tax.

Ushering a Step Change in Ireland’s Corporation Tax Transparency

Ireland’s lowest corporation tax rate of 12.5% is abysmally low when compared to the OECD’s higher rate of 25% which is charged for non-trading income, miscellaneous income, rental income, and other passive income. In addition, Ireland’s effective 6.25% intellectual property box regime can be availed by companies on income derived from patent linked to research and development. The company is entitled to a deduction equivalent to 50% of its profits for the purpose of computing the profits of its specified service trade. The taxable profits resulting from the qualifying assets are eligible for the concessionary 6.25% rate.

How to Manage Your 401(K) Plan to Make the Most Out of It

A 401(k) account is a regular workplace plan which can act as a good retirement vehicle for you. Here are some important ways to take full benefit of the 401(k) match program if your employer offers you one.

How to Avoid IRS Cons

Recently, many tax payers have reported receiving phone calls from scammers posing as IRS Agents. These phone calls can be very disturbing due to threats of being arrested, property seizures, and others. The goal of this article is to help tax payers avoid becoming a victim of scammers who disguise themselves as being with the IRS for the purpose of obtaining personal information.

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