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The Impact of GST on the Homebuyers

GST impact on homebuyers will be multi-fold as various taxes which are presently levied when purchasing home property such as service tax, VAT and stamp duty will either be subsumed or continue to co-exist with the newly implemented tax reform, GST. Under the current tax regime, 8-9% of taxes are levied whereas under GST, real estate sector has been placed under 12% GST tax slab.

A Startup’s Quick Guide for Finding Tax and Accounting Services

Looking for tax and accounting services? Read on to find some of the important factors and aspects that matter in the long run, along with aspects related to experience and expertise.

5 Tax Rules to Follow for Non-Resident Indians

Taxes can be a source of uncertainty for non-resident Indians who lack clarity about their obligations. In the following article, we go over 5 tax rules which need to know to stay out of trouble for an Indian working abroad.

A CP – 504 Marks The Beginning Of Serious IRS Tax Problems

If a taxpayer receives a CP 504 and then ignores it, the repercussions are immediate and quite serious. This notice is only sent after two previous notices (CP 501 and CP 503) have failed to get the attention of the taxpayer. The debtor must understand that when the CP 504 IRS notice is received, the IRS is ready to assume a very aggressive stance with regard to collection.

Know Your PAN Card and Its Effective Uses

The significance of a Permanent Account Number or PAN has increased over the years, and it is today an important part of our daily lives. The most significant purpose of assigning PAN to an entity is for the reason of verification and to check all the linked monetary detail of that entity. At first, the importance of PAN was for filing IT returns.

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