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How to Buy Abandoned Property

Abandoned properties are among some of the low-cost investments which are now attracting good number of buyers. In common, these properties are those whose possession are lost by their owners, usually do to financial circumstances. For this main reason, the owner might have become unable to maintain the house resulting in its poor condition.

What The Real Estate Sector Wants From the Budget in 2017

The industry is all set for greater challenges in 2017-18 and, expectedly, the Budget in 2017 wish list of the real estate industry is a long and demanding one. Some of the key items are:

Are You A Prepared Home Buyer? 6 Considerations

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision, the time is right, for you to find the house for you, and make it your home! However, doesn’t it make sense, since, for most people, one’s house is their single, most valuable asset, to be as prepared, as possible?

5 Common Property Frauds

If you are looking to buy a property in the near future, here are a few checks that you should have in place before taking that step. These will not only ward you from the entire gamut of real estate scams but also guard you from false promises of the builders.

Is Buying a House a Good Investment?

A lot of individuals are still thinking of where to invest the money they earned, from the years of working hard. There may be some advises you to put your share on various networking companies or invest in a new company to get stocks or either does some traditional business. But, is this really the most practical thing to do? Yes, may be.

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