Understanding Loan Documents

What You Will Need to Get Small Business Finance

Poor credit is no barrier to small business owners wishing to obtain business finance. When a small business owner plans to expand business and finds that he has already used up available sources of funding and getting additional finance through regular sources may be too time-consuming, then finance from “non-conventional” sources may be a better option.

What to Look for in a Loan Origination Provider

Loan origination lifecycle is talked about on a large scale these days with most financial organizations trying to make it hassle free and easy. Read on to know about improving the process for both lenders and borrowers.

Common Reasons Why People Take Bad Credit Small Business Loans

There is no room for emotions when it comes to business financing. If an individual starts a business he needs capital. Very few have oodles of cash to invest. They rely on cash flow to keep the gears of business grinding.

How Invoice Factoring Bails Out Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing industry has always been an integral part of the American economy. With rapid growth and competition, these industries see many challenges coming their way, where maintaining sufficient liquidity and steady cash flows are the major ones.

How Does a Mortgage Broker Get Paid?

I have left my full-time job working for one of the big 5 banks after over 11 years to start my own Mortgage Brokerage and although I have only been open for a few days now, the most common question I am being asked is how much do Mortgage Brokers charge? So, I thought I would explain how a Mortgage Broker is paid along with some things to consider when choosing the right Broker for you. Whilst some Mortgage Brokers may charge a one-off fee for their services you will generally find most do not charge anything to…

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